Friday, June 23, 2006

B r o k e n

I cant be happy everyday, because you took my soul away
I watch myself drown in a puddle of blood
i watch the sky turn gray
i watch you as you walk away
but I'm too weak to ask you to stay
Emotionally unstable,corrupting everything I'm able,to bleed the tears of death,and to step through the depth,of all the emptiness
I open my eyes, all I can see is darkness
I close my eyes, all I can see is you
Hold my hand, carve your name into my wrist,so everyone will know who left me like this
Has no one told you? I'm not breathing.....
You will never know why I cry these tears
The stars are fading away..but try not to will see them take what you need...and be on your way..and stop crying your heart out!
Do you even notice I'm gone?
I learned to Never make somebody your everything, cause when their gone, you've got nothing...
the saddest part that I'm holding onto a dream that won't come true
But finally, after all the tears, I've drowned.
After all the cuts, blood still runs down.
The distance between us is hurting; my heart seared.
But the closeness was what really killed me, what I really feared.
Smiles are fake but tears are real,
the pain i make, the pain i feel,
you are the reason, you are the course,
you feel no guilt, and no remorse.


Anonymous u know who said...

nice pic
love the eyes

7/06/2006 1:31 AM  

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